Mondays with Marty 4/28/19



Today I talked about 7 ways to keep your faith strong and in working order.  They were:

1.  Read your Bible daily and prayerfully.  Daily explains itself.  Prayerfully means asking God to open your heart to understand his Word.

2.  Make prayer a regular part of your day.  Doesn't have to be eloquent or long-winded.  Just the Lord's Prayer is enough.

3.  Weekly worship and Bible study are a must.  Weekly means every Sunday.  Coming to church once or twice a month is like eating once or twice a week.

4.  Commit yourself to enjoying Christian fellowship.  That means hanging out with other Christians.  Why not join one of our small groups?

5.  Commit yourself to volunteering for Christian service. Serving the less fortunate.  Peace is good at this.  We have many opportunities.

6.  Find the believers in your workplace. And start a once-a-week lunch hour Bible study.  We have materials for you.

7.  Nurture relationships with believing family members. Pray with them.  Read a book of the Bible together -- a chapter a day and then you discuss it.

In Christ,
Pastor Marty