Care and Share

Care & Share provides material and spiritual support to under-resourced families and singles on a seasonal basis. Referrals come from outside agencies or congregation members. Our seasons of giving are Back to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.


We provide material things such as food gift cards, gift cards for kids at back to school, gently used clothes, cleaning supplies, individual presents to family members at Christmas, and more. Spiritually, we provide a devotional service at Christmas and Easter, and a Prayer Buddy program from November until May. This ministry is funded only by donations from Peace members. Anyone can serve on this ministry team as either a team member or as a volunteer at one of our events. If you would like to volunteer, please contact  the church office.

If you are a member of the congregation and know of someone (member or not) who is in need, or if you are a congregation member who is in need, then please contact Pastor Marty Hufford at the church office.


If you would like, you can donate specifically to the Care & Share fund. This would allow us to support our Care & Share families.  You may mail your donations to our church.  Please write checks out to Peace Lutheran Church  and put "Care & Share" in the memo line.


We will not sell, share, or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings on behalf of other organizations.


This policy applies to all informaiton received by Authorize.Net, both online and offline, or any Platform ("Platform", includes website and moblie applications), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications.


To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors' information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation.



A charitable contribution (undesignated) will not be returned to the donor. To refund the gift would be contrary to the basic definition of a charitable contribution and could have possible tax implications to the donor and potentially cause a liability to the church.


Refunds on a designated contribution will be handled in the following manner:


• Designated gifts for a fund or special project – Every reasonable effort will be made to use the designated gift for the purpose in which it was designated. However, if the fund or special project no longer exists, the church will make every reasonable effort to contact the donors of such gifts.  The purpose of this is to give the donor the option of re-designating the gift to a different fund (or to the general fund) or refunding it.  The donor needs to be aware of the possible need to file an amended tax return if the gift is refunded and the deduction was claimed in a previous year.  Obviously, this procedure is only appropriate for those donors who can be identified. For donations that cannot be identified, the elders and administrative team will decide how to use the funds.