Jesus's Day

When do you begin your day? This is an important question, even a spiritual question.

Jesus's day -- the Jewish day -- begins at sundown.

That means the day begins with us quitting our work and going home to eat, rest, and enjoy our families and friends. Just as the day really gets going, we go to bed. About halfway through the day we wake up, find the shower, brush our teeth and go looking for God. And what we find is that he has the day well in hand. God kept the world running while we slept, and doesn't need any help. But he's always glad to see us. So after catching up, he gives us something to do. It's not that he needs us to do it; he just loves having us around.

Jesus's day -- the Jewish day -- is the best way to live.

When does your day begin? Are you up with the sun, and wolfing down breakfast so you can get at it? Is your nose to the grindstone all day -- at work and around the house? Do you come home exhausted but not feeling like you accomplished much? Are you too stressed out to enjoy your family and friends? Do you fall into bed worn out and dreading the alarm clock?

You're doing it all wrong. You're making the mistake of thinking that you're indispensable, that the world can't run without you, that you have to keep all the plates spinning. It's an insult to God, really.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty Hufford.

Peace Lutheran Church.