Our women's ministry is committed to helping women to grow spiritually through opportunities that will teach, encourage, equip, and reach out to serve.  There are a variety of opportunities for Bible study, spiritual renewal, and serving in our local and global communities. For more information on what is available and how to participate, please contact Katherine Richards


Our Women's Evening Bible Study (WEBS)  WEBS will resume Tuesday, January 11, 2022 for both in-person and online (Zoom)  at 7:00 PM 

We will continue our study “The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi” which has been our guide to take a deeper look at the biblical places we have read about. No materials need to be purchased for this study. Our in-person meeting will meet in Room 304.

 If you prefer to meet with us at that same time but online, please email Kerby Kerber or the church office to sign up to receive a Zoom link to attend.




JoyBreak is a women's Bible study is for women of all ages and all seasons of life. Currently JoyBreak is offered in two formats:  


  • In-person - Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11 AM in the Great Room.  No registration required, just come.
  • Online  -  This format includes recorded teaching video sessions and a pdf study guide emailed to you each week.  This flexible format allows women to participate in this self-directed study in their own their own time. Women often invite friends (local and far) to participate in the study along with them!  To participate in our online format, please email Katherine Richards. 

 Our Winter/Spring session will offer three sequential teaching series:

"The Holy Trinity: Understanding How

God Can Be Three-in-One"

January 12 - February 16, 2022     

Available In-Person and Online

We will explore God's Word to learn more about the Trinity and the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We will identify some of the reasons why people struggle to understand the concept of the Trinity, and perhaps answer some of our own questions along the way.  Our goal is to have a clearer understanding that will enable us to describe how the Trinity works in our lives.



"A New Song: God Speaks to

Our Anxious Hearts"

February 23 - March 25, 2022    

Available In-Person and Online

Dealing with an anxious heart whether it is in the moment or a prolonged state of being can feel overwhelming, lonely, and depressing.  No one wants to remain in that place of anxiety, worry, and fear.  We often hear the phrase, "You are not alone" as a way someone may empathize with the anxious road we might be walking.  However, when God tells us "You are not alone,"   He means just that - you are not on your own.  God meets us in that place of worry to help us.  And He doesn't leave us there, He helps us to navigate our way to a place of peace, encouragement, and even Joy.   In this study, we will look at individuals in the Bible who had anxious hearts.  Through their stories, we will learn how God helps us and things we can do to work through those anxious moments. 


“Understanding Denominational Differences in Christianity"

April 6 - April 27, 2022

Available In-Person Only

We will look at various Christian denominations and understand their various doctrinal beliefs and practices.  This study will be an opportunity to explore the history of the Christian Faith, the Church, and how various denominations either evolved or branched off.  Our goal is to learn more to have a greater understanding of where these denominations are similar or different.  We will also have a clear understanding of our own doctrinal beliefs according to God's Word.  This format will lend itself to group discussion and Q & A opportunities as we are all on a faith learning journey together.  




The Lutheran Women's Missionary League provides women the opportunity to grow spiritually and be equipped to serve in a variety of mission work within Peace and the larger Lutheran Church. LWML works alongside other ministry teams here at Peace to provide support for service projects, community activities, and family-focused events.

LWML meetings and events are open to all women in Christ who have a heart for missions and for service to one another and the world. Check the website's calendar for monthly Monday meetings. For more information, contact Janet Stuckey or Nancy Ewert through the church office.


Saturday, March 19 - Lenten Inspirations (All-Day Event)

Cross Lutheran Church - Yorkville, IL

For more information or to register -click here.