Mondays with Marty 12/2/19


Peace Lutheran caught fire today...and continues to be on fire for the Lord and the month long build up to Christmas!

This December, we are looking at some of the names the New Testament -- and especially the Gospels -- give to Jesus. Today we talked about how our Lord is both the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. At this week's Wednesday night Advent service, we will talk about what it means that Jesus calls himself the Bridegroom and calls his church his Bride.

But right now, I want you to think about the name you would give him if you could. Think of it as a nickname if that helps. How has he worked in your life? How did he make himself known to you? What were the circumstances? And what name would you give him based on that?

As for me, I would call God my Pillar of Fire and Cloud. Years ago, Amy and I had a miscarriage, and I was heartbroken. At one point I was lying on our living room floor and crying and praying, "Where's my baby? Why can't I have my baby?" God met me then in what I can only call a vision. He was a Pillar of Fire and Cloud, whole in itself and giving wholeness to me. God didn't answer my questions, and he didn't need to. His presence was enough to bring me peace. So if I were to give God a nickname, it would be The Pillar of Fire and Cloud.

How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

In Christ,

Pastor Marty Hufford

Peace Lutheran Church