Mondays with Marty 1/20/2020


Yesterday was Sanctity of Life Sunday. As Bible believing Christians, we value all life, from conception to natural death, regardless of health or disability.

We value the unborn child, growing safety in her mother's womb.

We value the life of the autistic child, struggling to connect with an overwhelming world.

We value the life of the disabled child, opening her locker between classes.

We value the life of the injured adult, working to rebuild her life.

We value the life of the impoverished adult, sleeping at our PADS site.

We value the life of the older adult, living with dignity in a nursing home.

We value all life, for it was made in God's image and redeemed with Christ's blood.

Next Sunday's Sermons:

8:30 -- Peter's great confession of faith from Matthew 16:13-20

10:30 -- Jesus's Transfiguration from Matthew 17:1-9

In Christ,

Pastor Marty Hufford