Mondays with Marty 11/17/19



Yesterday we talked about how Jesus holds us in the palm of his hand, and how over us is stretched the hand of the Father. The two are joined together, the one cupped under us, the other cupped over us. There is no safer place in the world, and there is no force in the universe that could pry them apart. We are held, sheltered, loved and protected.


The next time you are scared, in doubt, feeling far from God, cup your hands together, the one over the other, and imagine yourself safe in between them. Then remind yourself that it's not your hands that shelter, love and protect you. It's the hands of God that shelter, love and protect you. The Father and the Son, one in purpose, one in essence, are united in your saving. They will never let you go, never drop you, never forget you. Needless to say, no one can snatch you away.


In Christ,


Pastor Marty Hufford