Mondays with Marty 9/30/18


Yesterday we talked about Law and Gospel.  The Law is what God tells us to do and the Gospel is what he does for us.  The Law always condemns us because try as we might, we can't live up to its standards.  That realization makes us ready for the Gospel, the sweet message of forgiveness and acceptance not because we deserve it, but because God the Father has given it to us through the death and resurrection of his Son.

Something to Ponder: Is there anywhere in your life where you are trying to earn your way with God?  It won't work, and it doesn't need to work.  God loves you and has saved you not by your works but by Jesus' works.

Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to make the Gospel real to you.  Ask him to overwhelm you with his and his Father's love for you.  Ask him to draw you deeper into your identity as his child and disciple.

Something to Put into Action: The commands of the Law will never work us into heaven, but they are good guide for how to live a life that glorifies the Lord.  Are there any areas of your life that aren't reflecting your thankfulness for the Gospel?  Let God help you work out the implications of the Gospel for your daily life.

In Christ,

Pastor Hufford