Mondays with Marty 9/2/18




John the Baptist and most of Jesus's countrymen expected the Messiah to be a warrior King who would raise armies and fight the Romans.  But Jesus had a different and better vision for God's kingdom.  Jesus came to heal and teach and bring hope, not fight wars.  The only blood he would shed was his own on the cross.  He would conquer by dying and establish God's kingdom by rising from the dead.  He didn't see the Romans as the main problem.  His focus was on conquering sin and death and the devil.


Something to Ponder: When have your expectations of Jesus been off base?  When have you wanted him to pursue your agenda instead of bending your will to his agenda?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to replace your plans with his plans, your ways with his ways, and your dreams with his dreams.


Something to Put into Action: John the Baptist wanted God's judgment to fall on his enemies.  Who do you want God to judge?  Set aside your anger and find one specific way to show your enemy kindness instead of judgment.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty