Mondays with Marty 8/26/18


How much time do you spend thinking about our Lord's return?

Imagine being resurrected into a young, healthy body.  All the sins and temptations that often got the best of you are gone and gone forever.  The world around you is idyllic.  There will never again be pain or suffering.

And Jesus is there, right next to you.  He is overjoyed to see you and wraps his arms around you in the best hug you've ever had.  "Come on," he says, "I want you to meet my dad."

Something to Consider: How much time do you spend thinking about the Lord's return?  What would change if you lived today in light of that day?

Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to make his return, your resurrection, and his renewal of the world real to you.

Something to Put into Action:  Jesus could come back at any moment.  Do you know anybody who won't be getting that hug?  Shouldn't you tell them about Jesus?

In Christ,

Pastor Marty