Mondays with Marty 7/29/18




Yesterday we talked about a woman who had been isolated from human contact and company for 12 years.  This was because she had a medical condition that made her unclean according to the Law of Moses.  Jesus set her free, cleansed and restored herr.  He ended her life of loneliness and desolation.  Thanks to him, she could live and not just survive.


Something to Ponder: Have you ever been isolated, cut off from those you loved, treated like you didn't exist?  Would you wish it on anyone?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to show you anyone you have been overlooking, to soften your heart toward anyone you have been rejecting.  Ask him to open your eyes to those on your street, at your school and church, in your community that others avoid.  Ask Jesus to show you their sadness.


Something to Put into Action: Now go to them!  Embrace them.  Draw them in and draw them close.  Don't let them be alone.  Show them that they are loved.   Treat them with value.  Tell them about Jesus who loves them more than anyone ever could, and invite them into his family, his community, his church.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty