Mondays with Marty 7/15/18




Yesterday we talked about Jesus and Matthew.  Jesus had the highest standards, and yet he could hang out with anybody, and even those farthest from God enjoyed his company.  How did he do that?  How do we learn to do that?  Matthew was wise enough to invite his unsaved friends not to church for a prayer meeting, but to his house for a party.  He also invited Jesus, introduced him to his friends, and then got out of the way and let Jesus do his thing.  How can we do what Matthew did?


Something to Ponder: How did Jesus do it?  How can we have all the right beliefs, and yet be the type of people those farthest from God would enjoy being with?  What would it look like?  What would it mean to be that kind of person, that kind of church?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to show you how to do what he did, or at least how to do what Matthew did.


Something to Put into Action: Do you know anyone far from God?  Don't invite them to church for a Bible study.  Ask them to volunteer with you at PADS, or at a Feed My Starving Children event, or at Care and Share.  Jesus attends those events, and he loves to spend time with those who don't yet know him as Lord and Savior.  Get your unsaved friends into those environments, and trust that Jesus will do his thing.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty