Mondays with Marty 6/2/19

Love, my favorite four letter word.

St. Paul tells us that love is patient and kind, neither envious nor boastful, never arrogant and never rude.  Love doesn't have to have it's own way.  It isn't irritable and it isn't resentful.  Real love never rejoices at wrongdoing.  Love rejoices with the truth. (I Corinthians 13:4-6)

Oh how I wish I were a more loving person!  Yesterday, I challenged each of us to pick one way we need to be more loving, and to pray that God would work that miracle in our lives.  But for me, where to start?  I need more of all of it.  This isn't false humility; this is confession.

And Jesus is absolution.  His love for us is perfect with no room for improvement.  It took him to the cross and to the grave.  It powered his resurrection and ascension.  It motivates the way he hears our prayers and how he speaks to his Father on our behalf.  Love will bring him back some day, and the power of his love will bring us up from the grave.  In love, he will renew all things, first and foremost us.

And on that day, each of us will love as he loves, and the prayer I asked us each to pray will be answered.

Trouble sleeping?  Listen to yesterday's message here.

In Christ,
Pastor Hufford