Mondays with Marty 6/10/18


Yesterday we talked about how faith in Jesus is faith in his authority -- through his death and resurrection -- to save us, rescue us and redeem us.  We also looked at how Jesus was willing to go anywhere, to anyone, even and especially places and people most had written off.

Something to Ponder: Do you believe that Jesus has authority to save you?  Do you have faith in his death and resurrection to bring about the forgiveness of sins? Are there people and places you would refuse to go to if Jesus sent you there to share the Gospel?

Something to Pray About: Ask the Lord to strengthen your faith.  Ask him to use you to share the Gospel with someone who needs to hear it.  Ask him to soften your heart to all people and places.

Something to Put into Action: Look for someone who needs to hear about the love of Jesus.  Be willing to go anywhere and to anybody.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty