Mondays with Marty 5/13/18


Yesterday we enjoyed special Mother's Day music with guest musicians Dave Anderson and Roger Walck.  Dave shared his dramatic story of surviving a plane crash in the Bearing Sea, and also told us about the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Center for burned out pastors and other church workers.  It struck me that for some of these pastors and church workers, finding their way to the Shepherd's Canyon is a lot like being rescued at sea.

Something to Ponder: You don't have to be a pastor or church worker to find yourself overwhelmed by life.  Is this where you are right now?  Do you know someone who is?  It's OK to admit you need help, and even more OK to seek out that help.

Something to Pray About: If life has become more than you know how to handle, ask Jesus to get you pointed toward help.  He died for you and then rose again to give you eternal life.  That  means he cares.  He didn't do that just to leave you now.  Reach out to him in prayer and ask for his help and guidance.

Something to Put into Action: And then call me!  I have great counselors I can refer you to.  Your job may have resources as well, so don't hesitate to reach out to HR.  Just talk to somebody, and do it today.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty