Mondays with Marty 2/10/19


Yesterday I asked you if there was anything in your life God was calling you to leave behind either because it was hindering your faith or because it was just time to move on to something new.

Something to Ponder: God called Jesus to leave many things behind him for the sake of our redemption: Heaven (for a time), a normal human life, even his own life on the cross.  What if at any point Jesus had said no?  Where would you and I be now?

Something to Pray About: Ask the Father to show you if he is calling you to leave anything behind for the sake of growing in your faith.  Ask him if it's time to move on from anything and accept a new role in his kingdom.

Something to Put into Action: Take stock of your life.  Are there sinful thoughts and habits that are holding you back?  Put them behind you!  Is there a role in God's kingdom that has been preparing you for even greater service?  Take your discipleship to the next level and embrace a new, more demanding assignment.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty