Mondays with Marty 12/9/18




Yesterday we talked about the pains and problems you shared with me and God on Sunday, November 25th.  Your comments fell into six broad categories -- health issues, faith issues, family issues, emotional issues, work issues and financial issues.  I shared with you my commitment to find and deliver resources in each of these areas.  That will mean changes in how I preach and teach, but also many other delivery systems as well -- small group and Bible study materials, devotional resources, suggested Christians books & websites & blogs; seminars and workshops, counseling service recommendations, Peace's own Stephen Ministry, etc.


Something to Ponder: What were the concerns you shared on Sunday, November 25th?  What would be the best way to bring Jesus and his Gospel into your pain and confusion?  What's the best way to help you?  Please, let me know.


Something to Pray About: Is God calling you to help bring Jesus and his Gospel into somebody else's pain and confusion?  In other words, ask Jesus how you can be part of the solution, part of the long term, committed response to the pain of your fellow members.


Something to Put Into Action: Physicists have something they call a thought experiment, and here's how it works: You pour yourself a good cup of tea, find an comfortable chair, and only using your imagination you work your way through some tricky problem.  I want you to pick one of the six broad categories of pain listed above and do a thought experiment.  Get the cup of tea, find the chair, and using only your imagination (and some prayer) dream of ways Peace can bring Jesus and his Gospel to people suffering from that issues.  If you're thought experiment yields any results, please share them with me.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty