Mondays with Marty 1/27/19




Yesterday we talked about how Jesus opened the eyes of our hearts, freed us from captivity to death, and overcame our spiritual poverty with the wealth of his grace and forgiveness.  He did this by his death and resurrection.


Something to Ponder: Every aspect of a believers life flows from what Jesus has done for us.  It's the fuel in our tank, the air in our lungs, the light by which we see all else.  Jesus's gospel should leave us in a permanent state of awe.  How much time do you spend contemplating this, praying about it, thanking him?


Something to Pray: Dear Jesus, thank you.  I praise and worship you.  Fix my eyes on your cross and empty tomb.  Open my ears to the good news of redemption.  Open my heart to the fountain of your Holy Spirit.  Fill every bit of me with all of you, and let me live only for you.  Guide and direct me at all times and in all ways.  In you name, Amen.


Something to Put into Action: Spend ten minute every day this week thinking about just one area of your life -- your job, your marriage, a friendship, etc., and ask yourself how that part of your life would be different if you weren't a Christian.  Would it be better, worse, about the same?  How?  Please reach out and let me know what you learn.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty