Mondays with Marty 11/4/18


Yesterday we talked about how Jesus fed thousands with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish (if you missed the sermon click here.  WARNING: Side effects of my sermons include drowsiness.  Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how my sermons will affect you.) 

Something to Ponder:  The story also tells us that Jesus healed all the sick.  But it's the miraculous feeding that gets all the attention.  Why is that?  Had people started to take Jesus's healing power for granted?  Is there anything about Jesus you are taking for granted?

Something to Pray About:  Ask Jesus to show you if there is anything in your relationship with him that you are taking for granted.  Ask him to open your eyes to the gifts for which you have stopped being thankful.

Something to Put into Action:  This story is recorded in all four Gospels -- Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17, John 6:1-15.  Reach each account and see what you learn.  What does each author emphasize?  What do they leave out?  Which telling of the tale touches your heart?

In Christ,

Pastor Marty