Mondays with Marty 11/11/18



Yesterday we talked about Jesus walking on water, and Peter joining him...if only for a few moments.  It took faith for Peter to get out the boat and try the impossible.  And it took Jesus to see him back to the  boat safe and sound.


Something to Ponder: Are there any bold, new steps Jesus is asking you to take?  Have you been feeling a spiritual restlessness?   Is God calling you to step out and try the impossible with him (not for him, but with him)?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to show you the wild, crazy, impossible new thing he is calling you to.  Ask him to make his voice clear, and to open your ears to hear it.  Ask him to give you the faith to step out of the boat.


Something to Put into Action: Ask people you trust, people wise in the faith, if God has been putting anything on their hearts regarding you.  Ask them what bold, radical thing they think God might be calling you to.  Who knows?  God may be happy with you right where you are.  Or -- maybe just maybe -- he has a wild adventure for you.  Do you dare to find out?


In Christ,

Pastor Marty