Mondays with Marty 10/7/18




According to Jesus, there are at least four  types of people.  Some are hard hearted and indifferent or even hostile to the Word of God.  Others believe the Word, but are rather shallow,and apt to quit the faith if asked to sacrifice for Jesus.  A third type believe the Word, but their faith takes a back seat to something else in their life.  And then there are those who are neither hard hearted, shallow nor worldly.  They receive the Word with joy and God does amazing things through them.


Something to Ponder: What type of person are you?  What type would you like to be?  


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to change you, whatever that means.  Ask him to crack open your hard heart.  Ask him to help you grow up.  Ask him to become your first priority.  Ask Jesus to make you the person he has always wanted you to be.


Something to Consider: Jesus compared these four types of people to four types of soil: hard path = hard hearted.  Rocky soil = shallow believer.  Weedy soil = worldly believer.  Good soil = ready to receive the Word and produce a harvest.  What type of soil are you?  What type do you want to be?


In Christ,

Pastor Hufford