Mondays with Marty 10/28/18




Yesterday we talked about how much Jesus loves His church, even when it's a mess, even when it's missing the mark, even when it hurting more than helping.  Jesus loves His church, and never gives up on it, and that includes you and me, because we are part of His church.


Something to Ponder: Yesterday was Reformation Sunday.  Could you use some reformation in you life?  How's your commitment to reading the Bible?  How's your prayer life?  Do you still have a deep sense of your need for grace?  Is your breath still taken away by the cross and empty tomb?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to give you a hunger for His Word.  Ask Him to give you a deep thirst for prayer.  Ask Him to refresh, renew and reform your sense of need for what only He can give, the resurrecting message of forgiveness, life and salvation.


Something to Put into Action: You've read my words.  No go read His.  He has more and better things to say.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty