Mondays with Marty 06/24/18


Yesterday we saw how Jesus was willing to go anywhere and help anyone, and we talked about whether or not we are willing to follow in his footsteps.

Something to Ponder: Are there places you would never go, even if Jesus sent you?  Are there people you would never help, even if Jesus told you to?  What is that?  Why is that?  What scares you?  Where did you learn that prejudice?

Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to help you face any prejudices you might have lodged in your heart.  Ask him to remove those weeds from the garden of your faith.

Something to Put into Action: Volunteer at Salam, the mission to middle eastern immigrants that meets here on Saturdays.  Come to one of the Burmese church services that meets here on Sunday afternoons.  Have the gay couple from down the street over for dinner.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter.  Turn off your favorite news channel and watch the other one, the one you think gets it all wrong, for the next week.  In other words, get our of your comfort zone and rub shoulders with people who aren't anything like you.  As you do, remember that Jesus died and rose again for them too.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty