Mondays with Marty 1/6/19


How did you come to faith?  Some of us have dramatic stories, some of us don't.  You may be able to identify the day and hour you got saved.  Or you may be like me.  I can't remember a time without Jesus in my life, but I can identify people he used to bring me closer to him.

Something to Ponder: Don't assume you know your own story.  As Stephen King once wrote, "When it comes to memory, we all stack the deck."  So spend some time thinking through it.  What did God use?  Who did God use?

Something to Pray About: Ask God to show you how to use your story to help somebody with theirs.  Maybe God has a role for your to play in helping someone else come to Jesus.  If so, embrace your part in their faith journey.

Something to Put into Action: Have you shared your story with your spouse, your children or grandchildren?  You should.  Let them know how God got your attention and brought you to Jesus.  It may be one of the best things you ever did for them.

In Christ,

Pastor Marty