Mondays with Marty 1/20/19




Yesterday we looked at Jesus's miracle of turning water into wine, and we talked about how it fit into Old Testament prophecies about the messianic age being a time of abundance, safety, and joy.  Many of these prophecies also used the imagery of overflowing wine.


Something to Ponder: When Jesus turned water into wine, the disciples connected the dots with Old Testament prophecy and put their faith in him.  Was their something like that in your life, something God did that finally got your attention and brought you to faith?


Something to Pray About: Even after coming to faith, God still tries to get our attention.  He does this to call us to a deeper faith, a new chapter in life, an opportunity to serve him, etc.  Has he been trying to get your attention?  How?  Ask him if there's a new adventure, a new way to serve, a new way to grow.


Something to Put into action: Sometimes we know that God is calling us to something new, something bold, maybe even a little scary and, like Jonah, we resist and run the other way.  If God has been trying to get your attention, and you've been going out of your way not to notice, stop fighting it.  Embrace the new thing God has for.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty