Mondays with Marty 5/20/18



Yesterday we talked about Jesus's teaching on prayer from Matthew chapter six where he tells us that our prayers don't need to be either wordy or eloquent.  All God wants is that we speak from the heart.  And when we don't know what to say, we can always pray the Lord's Prayer.


Something to Ponder: How often do you pray?  At set times of the day?  Spontaneously throughout the day?  What kind of things do you pray about?  If you could ask Jesus one question about prayer, what would it be?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to enter into your prayer life, to fill it with his Spirit, and to guide you into a deeper conversation with him and his Father.


Something to Put into Action: If you tend to pray at set times of the day, add some spontaneity.  If your prayer life is more spontaneous, set aside some set times for prayer.  Consider skipping one meal a week and giving that time to prayer.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty