Pastor Marty Bible Study

Beginning Thursday, September 17, Peace will be releasing a new weekly recorded video-based Bible study on the Book of Revelation.  Pastor Marty will be walking through the Book of Revelation.  You may find the links to videos below.   Feel free to email questions, reflections, and thoughts to Pastor Marty ( as you study along 

Women's Online Study

Peace offers various online and in-person studies

Interactive Online Study Via Facebook

This women's online study is offered seasonally by Katherine Richards, Director of Adult Education.  Participants must have an active Facebook account to participate.  The format is a self-directed/blended.  Facebook platform adds a social connection where women can connect, invite friends, and even make new friends.  It is hosted in a private group page.  

Our Fall session Women's Online Study- Rythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons begins Monday, September 28.  In this 5-week study, we will work to understand anxiety, fear, stress, and depression. We will use scripture to look at ways we can find a new sense of strength and peace that God can give us. 

For more information or to sign up, please contact Katherine Richards at Feel free to invite friends to join, too!

Men's Online Study

Our Men's Online Study is a resource for men to use to grow their faith to become who God has purposed them to be.  For each of us, that may look a bit different.  However, God calls us all the same and desires us to learn and grow in His image.  This online study is ongoing and led by men in our congregation.   A new post occurs each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  All you need is a Bible or Bible app to follow along.  This study is a self-directed type of study.  You are welcome to participate in discussion or ask questions by selecting comment at the end of each post.  Feel free to participate as frequently and as often as you are able.  We also invite you to share this site link with friends.

Follow this link to participate now:  Peace Men's Online Study

For more information, contact Katherine Richard, Director of Adult Education

The Path

Peace believes that every Christian's path benefits from a personal journey through God's Word. If you've never picked up a Bible before, the book of John is a great place to start!

If you'd like to explore what the Bible has to say to you, consider joining us on The Path. More information can be found on The Path webpage.