Mondays with Marty 9/16/18




Yesterday we took a look at the 23rd Psalm and talked about the comfort and assurance it gives.


Something to Ponder: Jesus tells us that he is our Good Shepherd, and in the 23 Psalm David shows us what that means.  You and I are familiar with bosses, coaches, mentors, and teachers, but we don't have much experience with shepherds.  As you read the 23 Psalm, what do you learn about how a shepherd is different from a boss, coach, mentor or teacher?  What are the similarities?


Something to Pray About: Ask Jesus to make his shepherding presence real in your life.


Something to Put into Action: Read Psalm 23.  Ask Jesus to show you the line in the poem that most needs to be lived out in your life.  Ask him to show you what that would look like, and to give you the power of his Spirit to do it.


In Christ,

Pastor Marty